If you see our staff riding around, please stop them and ask questions.  We are here to help and ensure that you are safe while having fun.

     Josh Boileau -
Is our Regional General Manager.  He has called the Okanagan home since 2017 and has taken on this new adventure with us.  He has a background in automotive as a technician for close to 20 years and has experience managing shops.  Being in customer service for so long, he is prepared to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.  

     Freelish Joy -

Is one of our Fleet Managers.  Freelish has been a part of Sparrow since the beginning and has been an asset to the team.  He has only been in the Okanagan since 2021, but is happy to call it home.  With a background in engineering, Freelish has the skills and knowledge to handle anything that may come up.


    Cooper -

Our (un)official Sparrow greeter.  He is a Lab/Pitty cross that was born February 2022 and he loves people and other dogs.  If you see him out with Josh, he will be overly excited to say hi.