How to Ride

Please read the Following:                        

Our Scooters cannot be parked anywhere.  We have nests (parking locations) located at certain hotels around the city.  Please check the app for the most up to date locations.

Your ride can be PAUSED anywhere at anytime, and you will be charged at a lower rate.  Please be respectful when pausing a ride to ensure that you are not blocking doorways or walkways.

How to purchase and apply Promos:
How to find pricing:
Locate a scooter on the App Mainscreen.  Click on the scooter to bring up the details and battery percentage.
Looking for a better price? Check out our Promo Page for some amazing deals.
To Start your ride:
Press Start ride, and Scan the QR code on the Handlebar.
Red Zone: Restricted.  Alarm will sound and throttle will be deactivated.
Yellow Zone: Low Speed.  Speed is limited to 12km/hr. 
Blue Zone: Parking areas.  Rides can only be ended in these areas.  
Pause your ride:
Use this button to temporarily lock your scooter and can be done anywhere and at anytime.  Please be respectful of sidewalks and doorways when pausing your ride.
Ending your Ride:
Rides can only be ended at one of our nests.  Please put the scooter on the racks, click End Ride, and take a picture of the scooter.
Still have questions?
Live chat: Click on the support tab to have a live chat with one of our real team members.
Thank you for reading this entire page.  Please enter the promo code 'I read it all' to receive a $15 wallet credit.